4 Mistakes To Avoid (When Choosing a Video Production Company)

Video marketing is the fastest growing advertising medium in the U.S., and now businesses of all sizes can invest in video marketing, even if they don’t have the budget, expertise or resources to handle all their production needs in-house.

But many of those businesses make critical mistakes when choosing a production company — here are four of the most common ones to avoid!

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DeeJay Element

"The whole Miller/Datri Team really dove into the creative space I live in; I love their process and the quality, look, and feel of their work."


Max Hirshik

"Miller/Datri Entertainment produced a video campaign that totally resonated with the target audience we needed, and delivered measurable ROI for our business."


Rohan Castelino

"Miller/Datri Entertainment demonstrated a deep understanding of the marketing objectives we were looking to accomplish, and reflected that in a thoughtful, end-to-end plan. They are a true partner."


Michael Brooks

"M/DE produced innovative and effective creative...we've made them our go-to video production partner and are building a go-forward revenue model around them and their unique capabilities"

Every partnership begins with a conversation.

Let us know what goals you're looking to accomplish, and we can put a plan in place to help you achieve those, like we have for our other clients.

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